The Collection

Nina Leger

Published: 1 August 2019
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 160 pages
ISBN: 9781846276866

About the author

Image of Nina Leger

Nina Leger was born in 1988 in Antibes. Her first novel, Histoire naturelle, was published in 2014. Mise en pièces(published in English as The Collection), her second novel, won the Anaïs Nin Prize. More about the author


I revelled in Jeanne's mesmeric, nihilistic sex life. The Collection is filled with slight-of-hand sensuality. Choreographic in its treatment of the gendered gaze’ Eli Goldstone



Utterly brilliant. I love how Leger has taken a depersonalised perspective to open up such an intimate subject - this intrinsically erotic disparity has produced a completely fresh cliché-free kind of sex writing’ Claire-Louise Bennett

‘With her unapologetic, searching heroine, and her refusal to answer 'why', Nina Leger opens up spaces of possibility in the reader. She draws us into a complex world of pleasure with a language as striking and sharp as the erotic imagination at play is tender, vulnerable and wild’ Saskia Vogel

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